5 Top Destinations to Include in Your Travel to Kerala Plan

The South Indian state of Kerala, is one of the most amazing tourist spots in the world rich in tropical beauty. There are many top destinations in Kerala for everyone; whether it is the fascinating mountains, beach, culture, heritage, wildlife or adventure you may be interested in. The pace of life in this coastal state is slow, making it an ideal place for a leisure travel. Also known as ‘Gods Own Country’, Kerala is likely to please, tempt and add to the experience of anyone working on a travel plan. Tourist destinations in Kerala are an ultimate fusion of rich traditions, cultures and folk dance. Exploring this land of coconuts, elephants, scenic hamlets, backwaters and unique local cuisine will be certainly enjoyable for everyone starting from solo backpackers and family vacations to adventure lovers.

From the breathtaking shorelines along the Malabar Shore to the maze of backwater pathways in Kumarakom and Alleppey to the incredible green hillside tea gardens in Munnar, Kerala’s landscape and features are as diverse and unique as its folks and the lifestyle. There are so many amazing components always encouraging the visitors from all across the world to plan a travel to Kerala

If you are looking to visit this South Indian state soon, here is the list of top 5 destinations to include in your travel to Kerala plan. 

1. Alappuzha: - Alappuzha or Alleppey is a 9th century city alongside the Laccadive Sea coast. The top cleanest town in India with the magnificent canals, backwaters, lagoons and beaches is also referred to as the he "Venetian Capital" of Kerala. 

Apart from being recognised as a key hub for backwater cruises in Kerala, Alappuzha has many wonderful temples symbolizing the unique Kerala style architecture. Some of the finest specimens of Kerala wall paintings are still kept here.

There are so many attractions to indulge in this destination of Kerala: Alappuzha beach, Kuttanad, Nehru Trophy Boat Race, Pathiramanal Island and Krishnapuram Palace etc.

2. Ernakulam :- It is the prominent district of Kerala with great historical value in the heartland of the state. Also referred to as the “Queen of Arabian Sea” this commercial hub shows the signs of human kinds from stone ages in the form of rock cut caves and Dolmen shaped massive monuments. Full of temples, churches, historical sites, museums, cosmopolitan regions, shopping complexes and movie theatres, Ernakulam assures all possible attractions to make every tourist’s plan of travel to Kerala memorable. 

3. Idukki: - Idukki is the biggest district with hilly surroundings, offering the best scope for adventure in Kerala. This dynamic city lies at the top of the Western Ghats and is mostly preferred for mountainous hills, thick forests, green valleys, gushing streams, expansive plantations and amazing wildlife. Tourists from all over the world come to spend their vacations in this Keralean city for optimal enjoyment. It is a unique destination in Kerala where River Periyar flows. Here, you can come across a wide range of attractions including the Asia’s 1st great arch dam, mountain trekking trails, wildlife sanctuaries, spice plantation centers, elephant rides and more.

4. Kannur:- Kannur is a sleepy beach town along the northern Malabar region. It is referred to as "The crown of Kerala because of plenty of natural resources on the edge of Western Ghats in the east, Lakshadeep Sea in the west, Wayanad and Kozhikode districts in the south, and Kasargod in the north. Kannur is also known as "The city of Looms and Lores” for the loom industries operating in the district and the ritual of Theyyam folk arts performed in temples. Kannur has rich culture, traditions and medieval history that correlate to many legends and scholars from this area. For some relaxation by the seaside without the stuff of a busy beach town, Kannur is the best fit destination in Kerala. 

5. Kasargod:- Kasargod is a small and enchanting coastal town with a glorious past. It is known to be home to Bekal fort, Chandragiri fort and a few other well preserved forts in Kerala. The assortment of culture and art in Kasargod town speaks high about its multiplicity. In fact, you can hear the local people speaking fluently in 7 Indian languages including Kannada, Malayalam, Tulu, Konkani and Tamil being the most popular ones. Decked with Ananthapura lake temple, Ranipuram, Edneer Mutt, Bela church, Govinda Pai memorial and many other tourist attractions, the gorgeous town of Kasargod is worth to be a part of your travel to Kerala plan. 

You can now consider all the above destinations for your Kerala travel plan. The natural exotic beauty and pure solitude of the region is motivation in itself to spend your next vacation here. To learn about more such destinations in Kerala, contact Kerala Travel Explorer - Kerala’s leading travel, leisure and lifestyle magazine via info@ktexplorer.com!

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